Building Tools: Scratching Your Own Itch

The easiest, most straightforward way to create a great product or service is make something you want to use —  Jason Fried

“Scratch your own itch,” is one of the most heard terms in the world of business and startups. If you want to create a new software, then a great place to start is by solving your own problems.

Back in 2016, We were using WooCommerce for our store. Then we came across a beautiful tool called Metorik. Metorik is a SaaS application for WooCommerce. It helps you to see your all reports, analytics, users insights. We loved it. But things changed in 2017.

We have to shift to Easy Digital Downloads( EDD) . We created our new store in EDD. Then we were looking for again to Metorik. But Metorik is only for WooCommerce, not for EDD. We wanted something very to see EDD reports. At that time there were no other SaaS app for EDD, which can work like Metorik. We like the UI/UX of the Metorik. We have even reached to the founder of Metorik, asking about the solutions for EDD. He had no plan for it then.

So we decided that we should build something that help EDD store owners as well as us. We have planned it in 2017, but started in 2018 due to some other reasons.

BLOG DashBoard
Dashboard WPdrift
Dashboard for EDD store
EDD Customers
EDD Customers
Customer Profile
Customer Profile

Though Tools is inspired from Metorik for EDD, but it is not same. We are more focused on WordPress, Users, Other tasks rather than E-Commerce only. It would be a single dashboard for your all WordPress sites. It will help you understand your data and make more informed decisions. We want to do all the heavy lifting for you through our software. So there won’t any server breakdown or scaling issues. We are aiming to do all the background processing for you. You can manage all your WordPress sites from it in future.

Tools will be going to be your next dashboard for WordPress.

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